How to Get Over Paruresis

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Paruresis, or more commonly known as shy bladder syndrome, affects over 17 million American males which is roughly seven percent of the population in the United States. This means that many men are experiencing either psychological or physiological issues associated with this affliction. Essentially, Paruresis is a fear, or phobia, of urinating in public places, such as public restrooms, where there are other “strangers” also in the same location. For some reason, men who suffer from this shy bladder syndrome simply cannot pee because there are others in the room.

Generally speaking, since this is considered a phobia, this is also referred to as a psychological condition. There are many different reasons men can suffer from this phobia. Some say they were traumatized when they were younger and had, for example, experienced family members having sex inside a bathroom which has caused their shy bladder disorder. Others may worry about their penis size and are afraid to “pull it out” in fear of feeling inadequate. Meanwhile, others may feel that urinating is a private matter and shouldn’t be done in the presence of others.

Whatever the reasons or causes of shy bladder syndrome, it can have negative consequences if it gets out of hand. For example holding in your urine too long and too often can have an adverse effect on your bladder. If it carries on, it can eventually affect your kidneys. Most men would obviously prefer to not have this phobia at all so if you are a sufferer, here are some suggestions:

1) Seek counseling – speak to a pscyhologist and see if you can pinpoint the cause and set up a plan to overcome the triggers causing this phobia

2) Speak to a hypnotherapist and see if you can undergo hypnosis to get rid of this mainly psychological issue

3) Focus on something other than the fact you’re in a public restroom when it’s time to go. Create challenges to help you overcome your own phobia as you’ll be better off and live a happier life without Paruresis taking control.

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