Living With Shy Bladder

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The inability to urinate in a public place may not seem to be all that serious to those who do not have such an issue. But for shy bladder sufferers it can be life changing and lead to depression and low self esteem. Not only do people with shy bladder refrain from going out but they also become detached from the outside world and have little or no social life due to their fear of public rest rooms.

It is not only on a social level that shy bladder patients lose out but also in a working environment. For those who work in an office or shared work place where they are outside the home for up to eight hours, the mere thought of how they will cope with toilet breaks becomes so much of a burden that they may even consider leaving their job.

It may seem like an exaggeration but shy bladder really is a debilitating condition that can lead to urine infections, bladder damage and kidney infections. In worst case scenarios the patient is catheterised in order to drain the bladder and reduce further risk of infection from bacteria.

Unless help is obtained on how to overcome the condition of shy bladder, the individual can lead a lonely and low quality of life. Personal relationships become strained and even limited and many friendships lost as a result of adopting a more reclusive life. Living with shy bladder can be extremely hard so it is important to seek help as soon as possible rather that allows the scale of the condition escalate and lead to more severe consequences.

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