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Living With Shy Bladder

The inability to urinate in a public place may not seem to be all that serious to those who do not have such an issue. But for shy bladder sufferers it can be life changing and lead to depression and low self esteem. Not only do people with shy bladder refrain from going out but they also become detached from the outside world and have little or no social life due to their fear of public rest rooms. It is not only on a social level that […]

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Healthy Living and Shy Bladder

Shy bladder, also known as paruresis is the medical term used to describe the inability to go for a wee in a public place. It is thought that this condition or fear of urinating in public is more common in men than women but it is generally male sufferers who fail to seek out help for fear of embarrassment. Without doubt many health complaints come about or are brought on by bouts of stress combined with an unhealthy lifestyle. Financial strains, personal issues such as break ups […]

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