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Treating Shy Bladder Syndrome

When it comes to shy bladder syndrome, most people who are afflicted by this condition want to know if there is a cure. This is a perfectly natural question to ask and the answer is basically “yes” but, as this is mainly a pscyhological condition, it will depend on each person as far as how “curable” shy bladder syndrome will be. Shy bladder syndrome, also known as Paruresis, is a social phobia that manifests itself in the afflicted by making it difficult, if not impossible, to urinate […]

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Hypnosis to Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome

Shy bladder is the common term for a phobia of urinating in public hence being unable to relieve one’s self in public toilets etc. The medical term is Paruresis and is actually more common than people think. Even if you’ve never heard of the word, approximately 7% of people in the U.S. suffer from this affliction. It is also known as bashful bladder and urophobia as well. As shy bladder is often, if not always, a pscyhological disorder, it’s reasonable to think that hypnosis can help remedy, […]

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Defeating Shy Bladder Syndrome

Shy bladder syndrome is a psychlogical condition, or phobia, that makes it difficult or even impossible to urinate in a public restroom if there are other people (the public) in the same room. It’s considered a “minor affliction” but because it is usually associated with embarrassment, it’s a phobia most folks would prefer to overcome than to deal with it. The medical term for shy bladder is known as Paruresis (pronounced par-you-ree-sis). While Paruresis isn’t a terribly serious condition, the mere fact that you may have to […]

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