Ways to Help You Conquer Shy Bladder

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So, what is shy bladder syndrome, or medically known as Paruresis? It’s basically a psychological problem where one cannot urinate in public.

Imagine you’re at a football stadium watching your favorite team and it’s time to go for a wee. However, there are 1,000 other men wanting to go at the same time so by the time you squeeze into the urinal for that 1 foot of space to wee, you suddenly cannot go. Have you ever experienced this situation? For most men, it’s a psychological issue (perhaps of feeling inadequate?) that causes the inability to pee. The bad news is, this happens to a lot of men. The good news is, you can overcome this stumbling block.

If you want to break it down to more intrinsic or even primordial factors, it can be said that shy bladder comes from the need to compete with other males and the pressure western society puts on its males to perform better than others.

However, other psychological factors can include the fact that we’re taught, at least in Western society, to urinate on our own…ie “close the door” or “flush after each time you go” etc. In other words, there is a certain protocol we’re taught as very young children that when it comes time to urinate in a public area among many other males, it can sometimes cause a psychological block that leads to shy bladder.

As far as overcoming any anxiety pertaining to urinating in public in the company of many other adult males is to use “mind tricks” such as think of something completely different whether that be something different than the fact you’re urinating at the moment or that you are in a different place so as to take away the seriousness of the situation. If your shy bladder is really severe, having a friend go to urinate with you can help take away some of the stress involved in what should be a very menial task.

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