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Living With Shy Bladder

The inability to urinate in a public place may not seem to be all that serious to those who […]

Hypnosis and Shy Bladder

Shy bladder is a condition that can affect both men and women. In a nutshell it is defined as […]

How to Get Over Paruresis

Paruresis, or more commonly known as shy bladder syndrome, affects over 17 million American males which is roughly seven […]

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Defeating Shy Bladder Syndrome

Shy bladder syndrome is a psychlogical condition, or phobia, that makes it difficult or even impossible to urinate in […]

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Treating Shy Bladder Syndrome

When it comes to shy bladder syndrome, most people who are afflicted by this condition want to know if there is a cure. This is a perfectly natural question to ask and the answer is basically “yes” but, as this is mainly a pscyhological condition, it will depend on each person as far as how “curable” shy bladder syndrome will be. Shy bladder syndrome, also known as Paruresis, is a social phobia that manifests itself in the afflicted by making it difficult, if not impossible, to urinate […]

Is Shy Bladder Stress Related?

Shy bladder is the inability to pass urine in public areas and is often thought to be a condition brought on by anxiety. In order to treat this condition it is always useful to try to establish the cause by looking at the individual’s lifestyle. It could be that there is a lot of stress currently occupying a lot of space in the person’s mental health. By pin pointing the cause it is a lot easy to overcome the problem and work on finding a cure. For […]

Healthy Living and Shy Bladder

Shy bladder, also known as paruresis is the medical term used to describe the inability to go for a wee in a public place. It is thought that this condition or fear of urinating in public is more common in men than women but it is generally male sufferers who fail to seek out help for fear of embarrassment. Without doubt many health complaints come about or are brought on by bouts of stress combined with an unhealthy lifestyle. Financial strains, personal issues such as break ups […]

How to Help Relieve a Shy Bladder

Shy bladder is often considered to be a condition brought on by the mindset of the person suffering from it. It comes as no surprise that a shy bladder is characterized by the act where the individual can only pass urine when completely alone. This social phobia is also referred to as paruresis or more commonly as bashful bladder. So does this condition require treatment and what can be done to help relieve a shy bladder? Well for those who are affected by this condition counselling may […]