Defeating Shy Bladder Syndrome

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Shy bladder syndrome is a psychlogical condition, or phobia, that makes it difficult or even impossible to urinate in a public restroom if there are other people (the public) in the same room. It’s considered a “minor affliction” but because it is usually associated with embarrassment, it’s a phobia most folks would prefer to overcome than to deal with it.

The medical term for shy bladder is known as Paruresis (pronounced par-you-ree-sis). While Paruresis isn’t a terribly serious condition, the mere fact that you may have to urinate but cannot can lead to pressure on your bladder and potentially your kidneys. The reasons why some people suffer from shy bladder will vary but usually it’s a result of some sort of psychological trauma or perhaps intimidation and feeling of inadequacy.

Shy bladder syndrome seems to mainly affect men who may be particularly self-conscious or intimidated by crowded and/or rowdy public urinals. Because of this psychological problem, many different types of side effects can occur, such as: discomfort (of the bladder or pyschological), embarrassement, potentially long-term issues due to holding in urine longer than otherwise necessary, and so on.

Other issues can lead to Paruresis such as lack of confidence when it comes to penis size, feeling vulnerable and exposed, feeling like urination should be a private matter therefore making some folks uncomfortable and unable to pee, etc.

To defeat your shy bladder syndrome, try distracting yourself while in the public restroom. Think of something funny or something to make you feel relaxed. Realize that you need to get that urine out for comfort as well as taking stress off your bladder. If you simply cannot “psyche” yourself into overcoming shy bladder syndrome, consider getting medical help such as hypnotherapy to target the root pscyhological causes of shy bladder syndrome.

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